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Friday, 29 October 2010

Back at the beinging of the month, myself and 3 other members went to see if there were any bats swarming around Luton Hoo's artifical Hibernation site. We heard lots of bats including myotis, BLEB, both pip species and Noctule.

A couple of weeks later 5 members went back to confirm the site was being used, this time armed with a harp trap and mist nets, we spent an age waiting and hearing nothing but around 11.00pm we heard a myotis bat.

Not two minutes later he flew into the net, a male natterers in breeding condition, a further three males were netted all of which were in breeding condition.

We can now reveal that this is the first confirmed autunm swarming site in Bedfordshire, which considering the hibernation site has only been in place for around 4 years is an important discovery. Luton Hoo estate (Elite Hotels, Richard Biffen) are very happy about this and are continuing to support our work here, so a big thankyou to Richard for the access permission and continued interest in the bat activity at Luton Hoo.

Recently the group has installed some hibernnation boxes in the largest wooded area in Bedfordshire (Kingswood NNR). The Greensand Trust and Natural England allowed the group to put up two very large boxes and one smaller one.
These will be checked this winter and are in known bat hotspots, but will be monitored every so often, I'll report back the results after the first check, although we are not expecting them to be used for a while.

Thursday, 28 October 2010


We ran a bat care course last weekend, 10 members attended and it looks like the care team is expanding.
I have also been helping out the Dormouse group of late (see picture further down) they are still about and seem to be doing Ok.

Have not posted for sometime now!!

The noctule hasn't been back, however mum is doing well and gaining some weight.

The group has been fairly busy with the Luton project and other things going on around the town, so far we have made some 50 plus bat boxes to go up in the Luton parks and finally looks like we will be able to do this over winter.

Things are slowing down now (end of season) but we will keep busy finishing off the Luton project and planning projects for next year!!!