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Sunday, 18 December 2011

The First Hibernation Survey


Last weekend members of the group headed out to the hibernation sites across the county. There was doubt that numbers would be very good, due to the fairly good weather that we have had so far this winter.

But over the weekend numbers were up on last year and in the largest site that is monitored, a new recod number of bats were found, 101 in total. Of these Barbastelle Barbastellus barbastellus numbers were still good, with six found in total. Not quite the 25 found last year, however still good for the weather that has been good so far.

The species found most was natterers Myotis nattereri with a daubentons a close second M. daubentonii, a smaller number of brown long eared  Plecotus Auritus were also found.

The next surveys are taking place in Jan, I am leading the Sunday checks and will bring the results shortly after.