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Monday, 16 September 2013

Sad News


I write this with a heavy heart, having set-up this Blog to inform you all of the progress of the Noctule that was brought into captivity some 3 and a bit years ago. Then she give birth and the saga of the release of the pup followed.

Over the last three and a bit years this bat has worked for the bat group as an educational bat and has reached many 1000's of people. Helping to dispel myths and fears of these wonderful creatures.

She has been to schools, WI meetings, events and many other functions. She was much loved by the group and it is sad news for the bat group and those that have meet her over the years.

Unfortunately over the weekend (13/09/2013) she died whilst being looked after by one of the bat care team (I was away for the weekend).

She had been displaying some symptoms of being ill, such as being bunged up and going off her food. And although we did everything to help her the efforts were in vane.

This blog will continue in her memory and hopefully bring better news in the future.

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